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Wardrobe Hangers - Scrabble

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How cute is this wardrobe hanger bundle! The perfect and easiest way to organise baby clothes, even the husband will be able to help with the laundry!

The bundle comes with 6 hangers 19x10cm including engraving with:

    • 0000 Newborn
    • 000 0-3 Months
    • 00 3-6 Months
    • 0 6-12 Months
    • 1 12-18 Months
    • 2 18-24 Months

You may choose from either rainbow, leaf symbol or customise further to suit you and your little one.

Please note the wood grain may vary from disc to disc, with lighter or darker grains, knots etc, this is not considered a fault in the timber, just a reflection of its natural beauty. Also please note, our discs are NOT TOYS. Do not display in reach of children or allow children to mouth these pieces.