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Love, Abby

Printed Double Layer Acrylic

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Adding some colour & FUN personalisation to your little one's room!
Our printed acrylic patterns will create a stunning statement piece to any room, with over 20+ patterns, you will be able to find one that suits your space. Complete your plaque lettering with acrylic from our large collection

Plaque available in sizes from 40-60cm

40cm has a max height 21cm
50cm has a max height 26cm
60cm has a max height 31cm.

Note: We can't guarantee how much of the pattern will be seen. Every cut will be unique.

Important information: Our acrylic is very delicate, and the pattern can be scratched/chipped very easily. Please handle with care. We don't recommend having the UV printed pattern adhered directly to the wall. Please attach your double sided tape to the tabs of acrylic on the back of the plaque.