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Love, Abby

Printed Acrylic Cake Topper

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 Adding a unique and fun twist to cake toppers. Make your party really stand out with our brand new patterned acrylics! Choose from over 20+ designs and large range of acrylic colours to create a truly magical topper.

If you have spotted a design on our website that you would like me to create, please enter the listing name below. If you would like me to create something new, please describe in as much detail as possible in the text box below and I will send you a unique design. 

As the pattern is already so captivating, we believe a less is more approach to these overall designs. 

6 Inch designs - 15cm wide

Note: We can't guarantee how much of the pattern will be seen. Every cut will be unique.

Important information: Our acrylic is very delicate, and the pattern can be scratched/chipped very easily. Please handle with care.

Please ensure you cover the topper stick with cling wrap prior to entering the cake to avoid the ink contaminating the food.