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1:1 Scale Birth 3D Plaque - Acrylic Base

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Which way would you like the baby to face?
Would you like the baby to have a bow in the hair?

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Making a precious moment in time stand time with our 1:1 scale personalised 3D plaque.

Created on acrylic, featuring acrylic detailing of your little one's name, DOB, time of birth, weight and length, alongside a 3D lined art acrylic baby. Each plaque will be made to scale, meaning the height on the plaque will be the height of your child's measurement. You may opt to have the baby facing left of right. You can also choose for the baby to have a Bow or no bow

    • If ordering 2 plaques to be displayed side by side, I suggest having both at the same height. Please let me know which height you would like them both to be in the text box below.

Simply fill in the details below to create this cherished piece!